Selected Works

Short Stories:

“The Adjustment Period”Paper Darts, with artwork by Leigh Luna

“I woke up one morning with no arms.”

“Two-Shot, Add Steam”Occulum 

“And some would have described her as a girl with piercing blue eyes, but we knew she was not the Main Character, so we left off with that.”

 “Something Like Hannah” – New South Journal Micro Prose.

A micro fiction about the end of the world.

“They Didn’t Mean To,” – Long River Review Issue #19, 2016

A short story including cats, whiskey, an old man, and donuts.


Creative Nonfiction:

“A Man and His Beard,” Long River Review Issue #18, 2015

A terribly titled essay, but also my first published piece.

I was at a 24-hour diner at 2 in the morning, seconds away from cutting into my steak and eggs, when I got the email that it had been accepted for publication. I had forgotten that I had sent it in, and was so convinced that I was a terrible writer that I couldn’t help but cry. A year later, I was working on the magazine that had given me my first chance, and in a way that moment was the inspiration to create my own magazine.



Rachel Clark, The Slag Review

In “An Interview with Rachel Clark,” we discuss her painting series “Same Time, Same Place,” which includes work published in Issue #6 of The Slag Review.

Matvei Yankelevich, Long River Review

In “Make It A Big Deal,” the talented and generous Matvie Yankelevich tells me about starting Ugly Duckling Presse, and gives valuable advice to anyone looking to start their own magazine, press, or publication series.

Laura van den Berg, Long River Review

In this interview, Laura van den Berg and I discuss her novel “Find Me,” a fantastic sci-fi creation which baffled some long-time fans of the genre while drawing literary praise.

Dave Mercier, Long River Review

In “Keeping a Beginner’s Mind,” the cartoonist Dave Mercier talks about his journey as an artist and writer. He is the author of two collections of comics: Mercworks: The Joy of Despair, and Mercworks: The Cure For the Human Condition.


Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine by Dianne Williams

“Young farmers and rural characters, obstetrical nurses, scholars, clergy—all the rest!—will have their great hopes realized more often than not—unless I decide to tell their stories.” from “Head of the Big Man” by Diane Williams

Whether you read the review or not, you’ll want to read this book.

Deer Michigan by Jack C. Buck

“A ragged yell into the void, a poignant letter to the past, Jack C. Buck’s Deer Michigan is a surreal, sometimes startling collection of flash fiction wandering in and out of reality on a whim.”