CJ HS 1.JPGCarleton J. Whaley

is the Editor in Chief of The Slag Review, a journal of art, literature, and metallurgy.

He received his BA in English, along with a focus in creative writing, from the University of Connecticut in 2016. While there, he was the Creative Nonfiction Editor of Long River Review, UConn’s award-winning literary magazine.

His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Long River Review, and he has another short story forthcoming in the Minnesota-based, Octo-lady-driven Paper Darts.

More of his work is forthcoming, and can be seen in Selected Works.

Along with co-founding The Slag Review, he is a co-founder at indecentcompany Productions, an indie film and production company based in Stafford Springs, CT. He has written, acted, and directed for them.